Posted by: oldsalt1942 | January 24, 2016

The Doc Bremer and the H. W. Taunt

One of the best shantyboat sites (besides this one, of course) is The site has been the inspiration for quite a few of the articles I’ve posted here.

Bryan Lowe runs the site and has actually built several shanty boats. Among them are his version of Phil Theil’s Escargot:


Bryan also has a great sense of humor for building this:

Click the link to see his micro shanty in action.

micro 2


Lately, though he’s been thinking along bigger lines than a 4X8-foot micro shanty. His wife is demanding more headroom than the Escargot offers and Bryan has been inspired by two old boats. The Doc Bemer on the Mississippi river:

doc bremer 1

And the H.W. Taunt over in England…


These seem to be variations on the Loire river barges in France…

loire barge

The Loire barges were working boats and carry a HUGE square sail when the wind is right.

Bryan has done some Sketchup drawings and has actually started putting together an egg crate framing



I really like where this is heading and would love to do one myself.

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