Posted by: oldsalt1942 | August 23, 2014

Nailed It!

I’ve never been able to verbalize just what it is that I like about shanty boats. What it is that draws me to them, but rummaging around online for some ideas on a build I ran across this which sums it up pretty well: Someone who refers to himself as GBLK on Wooden Boat Forum said: “For me a Shanty represents raw honesty and is not pretentious. It says I am here to serve a function to offer shelter and a way of life. A Bayliner for example wouldn’t keep me awake at night or make me feel excited even if I could afford one.”


  1. We are now into six months of living on our shantyboat “Floating Empire”, and we love it. Should have done it ages ago. Pix and stuff on our blog if you’re interested.

    The lack of expense, the lack of stress, the wonderful community and surroundings we’ve found, all have made for a very happy lifestyle.

    Recommend it.


    Thanks for forwarding this to me. Looks very interesting from the little I’ve poked around in it so far. I’ve added your blog as a link in both of my blogs. Best of luck.

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