Posted by: oldsalt1942 | January 19, 2012

Every Man Has A Dream

This is the first video posted by someone named Skipperfound. He’s got a shantyboat that he’s trying to take from Ludington, Michigan,

Down to, hopefully, the Florida Keys. I’ve covered the entire route, myself, by water back in ’74 and  ’75. In ’74 I took a boat from Chicago out through lakes Michigan, Huron and Erie, then the Erie Canal, Hudson River and eventually to Fort Lauderdale. In ’75 I helped take a boat from Chicago down the Illinois and Mississippe Rivers and ended up in Fort Lauderdale. That’s called doing the “Great Loop.” In ’92 with my own sailboat I did the Keys all the way down to Key West and back. When I went down the rivers the Tennessee-Tom Bigbee canal was just a pipe dream but I suppose Skipperfound will choose that route.

Here’s his first video of the trip…

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Hopefully there will be more to follow.



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