Posted by: oldsalt1942 | February 4, 2011

Why No Recent Posts?

The simple reason is that I’ve been writing a book.

DESPAIR! is available to you Kindle owners at:

If you don’t have a Kindle you can find the book at:

There it’s available in multiple formats like PDF, plain text, LRF for the Sony Reader, Palm doc for Palm Readers. You can also download 50% of the book FREE so you can get a taste of it which will hopefully hook you enough so you’ll buy the whole thing. It’s only $2.99, but for some reason Amazon has it listed at $4.99.

All school children in the western hemisphere know that in “1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Other than that ditty, few people know the “Admiral of the Ocean Sea” made three subsequent voyages. Of these, his final trip a decade later, to what became known as the “New World,” was probably the most interesting. It is the stuff of fiction: fierce storms, contrary currents and hurricanes. Pitched battles with hostile natives and former companions. Ship wrecks, marooning, mutiny, trickery, petty jealousies, deceit, greed, dashed dreams, despair, extraordinary heroism and rescue. But every bit of it is true and documented. The only license I have taken with the story has been the creation of the fictional narrator of the events.


  1. Why, I think I will buy a copy of “Despair” I collect books such as this…. besides, it does sound interesting… hope you enjoyed writing it…. the research must have been interesting..( was that a question?) Thank you for your work… -c-

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Cheryl, and thanks for buying the book. I saw in the Amazon sales reports that someone had bought it in the last day or so.

    You’re right, the research was interesting. I’ve known about this fourth voyage for more than 30 years and thought it should be told in something other than in the straight non-fiction manner it had always been presented. I was a boat captain for 20 years and have sailed in several of the areas mentioned in the book so I know, somewhat, what the conditions were like for Columbus and his small fleet. Also, since I’m retired in Panama, where much of the action of the story takes place, I’ve also been able to visit several of the locations of the story and know first-hand what the places actually look like.

    Yesterday I ran into a neighbor who knew I’d written the book and he’d bought it for his Kindle. He just finished it and asked me about one of the incidents in the story saying he thought it sounded a little far-fetched and contrived. But know this, as you read, EVERYTHING that is told in the story ACTUALLY HAPPENED! None of it is made up except for the person telling the tale. To me that’s what makes it so fascinating.

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