Posted by: oldsalt1942 | April 14, 2010

EVERYBODY Loves Shanty Boats

Fiona Lucas of Oxford, UK, has a blog that she describes as “indulging my obsession with all things related to sewing, textiles, vintage fashion, costume and knitting.” I could never be described as a “fashion maven,” my tastes running along the lines of cut offs and a collection of shirts with parrots on them, but browsing through her blog I have to admit it really is quite cool running from today’s world into fashion history of centuries ago.

But the most recent post on Fiona’s blog illustrates one universal truth: everyone loves shantyboats.

There are additional pictures, too, and you’ll find the rest of her blog interesting as well.


  1. OK, I taught wooden boat building for 15 years and thought I’d seen it all….I was so wrong.

    It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Could have carried the tag “everybody has a dream.” Thanks for taking time to stop by and leave a comment.

  2. You’ve given no link to Fiona’s blog. Have you got one? Thanks.

    In the post where it says “blog” it links to Fiona’s.

  3. I would so love my own shanty boat!!

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