Posted by: oldsalt1942 | July 2, 2009

Shantyboat Supply Source

Living on a shantyboat, to me, implies that you are going to be independent of shore-side utilities; water, electricity, waste disposal, etc. A lot of people use camping and outdoor suppliers to meet their needs avoiding, as much as possible, costly marine outlets.

I recently stumbled upon the web site for Lehman’s Company. Established in 1955 by Jay Lehman to “serve the local Amish and others without electricity.” As their web site says: “My idea was to preserve the past for the future generations. My goal has always been to provide authentic historical products to those looking for a simpler way of life.”

Some of the company’s departments include appliances, home goods, outdoor, stoves, toys, lamps and lights and other esoterica. A lot of it isn’t cheap  but most of it is really cool stuff…check it out here:


  1. Old Salt thank you so much. I started a forum for those who were interested in shantyboat living because it was so difficult to find simple and basic living ideas on a shantyboat anywhere on the internet. You have started providing the info I need therefore I no longer have to take the time to maintain that website. So… I deleted it. Look forward to coming here to see what new and creative ideas you have posted.

    I know you are doing all the work and all I am doing is reading and looking at links. But your time is greatly appreciated by me and I look forward to coming here to see what else you have found to post about.

    Thanks!!!!!!!!! An OldSalt fan.

  2. Okay, went to the link and have to say that Lehman’s doesn’t even come close to Cabela’s. Sorry OldSalt. Doesn’t mean that others can’t see otherwise that is just my opinion. Here is a link to Cabela’s.

  3. OldSalt have you ever thought about starting a forum? Where others can add topics, pics. The reason I ask is there is no where on this blog to be able to ask certain questions or ask for advice unless you hijack a blog topic. Not cool to do that. Just wondering.

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