Posted by: oldsalt1942 | July 1, 2009

New York City Home of the Future?

Thanks go out to Thomas Armstrong who runs the great site who responded to yesterday’s post requesting people who had interesting ideas about houseboats and shanty boats to forward them to me for posting here. Thomas says this was contributed by Creed O’Hanlon.

He sent along an item from the New York Future Initiative blog regarding what is called the Waterpod.


The story, written by Joe Pompeo and published June 4th 2009 tells of this 100’X30′ “self-sustaining barge-cum-commune” that a group of four artists will live aboard for the next five months as they sail on the waterways fo the five boroughs that make up New York City.

Being that it’s New York City, don’t think of moving out of your current lodgings. According to Mary Mattingly who conceived the idea of the project it could end up costing you/them:

  • $3,600 monthly rent
  • Eight insurance policies for towing and docking at a total cost of $18,000
  • Having to obtain a host of state, local and coast guard permits
  • Not to mention, “the cramped quarters, the daily chores (something as simple as using a laptop may require furious pedaling on the bicycle that generates electricity)…”

Certainly not the cheap and easy concept of what shantyboat living should be all about.

Read the whole story here:

And if you don’t click into Thomas’s blog I hope your computer’s hard drive seizes up and you lose all your files.


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