Posted by: oldsalt1942 | June 20, 2009

Listen to Phil Bolger

I have been avoiding doing anything about the subject of legendery boat designer Phil Bolger since he took his own life May 24th. It seemed as if everyone who has a boat site on the web did their tribute to Phil. My main contributor, Ken Hulme, sent a post which I declined to put on here because I didn’t want to add to the overload.

Earlier today I stumbled across the site The site has 148 “podcasts” all relating in one way or another with boats, boating and the people involded in same. There are two very interesting interviews with Phil Bolger to be found here. If you have an iPod you can listen to Phil and his sylibant “esses” and maybe learn a thing or two.

The other podcasts, like with Lin and Larry Pardey, Ted Brewer and Chay Blyth and John Guzzewell who sailed his Trekka into yachting history are also there, too.


  1. August 13th 2009


    I am wanting to buy some Phil Bolger Study Plans for the AS29, with a view to buying the full construction plans

    Do you know if this is still possible, and who I might contact (and at what address)in this regard?



  2. Just because Phil died doesn’t mean you can no longer buy his plans. I would imagine the places that were selling the plans before are selling them now. Write or email them.

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