Posted by: oldsalt1942 | June 4, 2009

Using PVC Piping to Make Clamps

In any boatbuilding project it is necessary to use clamps to hold parts together while glue is setting up. Normally you’ll need a LOT MORE clamps than you have. But making clamps to hold smaller part together is simple and can be made from scrap material you probably already have on hand.

I got this from


Scrap length of schedule 40 PVC pipe with 1 5/8″ outside diameter and 1/8″ thick walls.

How to Make a Clamp

Cut a piece of PVC length into multiple 5/16″ wide rings.

Cut saw slot thru ring at only one placetips_pvcclamp3

In Use


In Use




  1. That’s a great trick Richard; I use PVC clamps all the time when I build mountain dulcimers and Anglo-Saxon Lyres. Inexpensive and they work like a charm for almost any woodworking application.

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