Posted by: oldsalt1942 | May 23, 2009

£60,000 for this?

There’s some kind of disconnect from reality when it comes to what people think their boats are worth. Take, for example, this story. The boat is kind of neat and grist for the mill on how to do the interior of my prospective shantyboat, but come on, get REAL…£60,000?

A floating “beach hut” set in remote marshland has been put on the market at a guide price of £60,000.

The Ark, in Burnham Overy Staithe, near King’s Lynn, Norfolk, measures just 16ft 5in (5m) by about 6ft (1.8m) and is owned by Dutch artist Lucas Kuys.

Built on a raft using reclaimed timber, driftwood and the roof of a grocery van, the cabin has space for two people to sleep and a small table and chairs.

It has stood on the mud flats for more than 50 years.


Max Sowerby, of Norfolk-based Sowerby’s estate agents, said: “We’re getting strong interest already – generally from people who have second homes in the area.

“Some people who see it say ‘that’s a lot of money for a beach hut’.

“Others say it’s incredibly good value and ‘where else would you find something like that?’. You wouldn’t get permission to build it now.

“It’s such an important natural area for bird migration and it would be very inspiring for a writer or artist, as it has been for the present owner.”




At today’s (May 23, 2009) rate that £60,000 is the same as $95,469.70.

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