Posted by: oldsalt1942 | May 19, 2009

Duckworks-A Ton of Reading

Duckworks Magazine is an on-line site that describes itself as being “Written for and by those whacky homemade boatbuilders.

There are stories about houseboats such as the “Small World” houseboat:

small world houseboat

It’s tiny, 8X16 and certainly not a live aboard, but an interesting concept since it is designed in sections. No single section weighs more than 25 pounds and is meant to be assembled and disassembled and can be carried from one place to another and transported on a common two-wheel utility flatbed trailer that has a 6X8 foot or 10 foot bed area. Or, the designer maintains, it can be hauled in one of the smaller U’Haul trucks or trailers.

A more conventional houseboat you’ll find on the pages is the Geepster©18 designed by Les Webster. It is described as a trailerable 18′ Camp Boat.

Got a few hours to spend then click here:

But don’t get lost in there and forget to come back here.

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